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Funky-Colored Sidebar

This plugin is for people who tire endlessly of the boring, gray bar on the side of their screen.

The Rebel Stalker

Watch the Rebel Stalker fleet(about 15 ships) kick Confederation butt! But try not to get on these boys' bad sides, or...

Neptron 1.5.3

Neptron is a system whose government will tolerate any evilness up to level 32767, and the only ships they use are weaponless bulk freighters that are colored yellow. Everything is available on their planet(commodities, ships, and outfits), and all commodities are low price. This plugin also includes the Rebel Stalker, but if you want to take it out, that's okay.

Confed-Hater Strings

Almost all strings that have to do with the great war say that the Confederation is stupid and the Rebels are cool.

Levo Fix

Levo now carries all outfits and ships.

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