Welcome to my Cocoa Games Page!

You must have Apple's Cocoa plugin to play these games. If not, then click here to go to the downloads page to download them or click here to download the plugin from Apple's web site. If you finish a game, then just reload the page. It shouldn't take too long. The downloadable games have a restart menu option.

Super Dude
Super Dude is a game where an alien politician is running for president. The object of the game is to stop him and his fellow aliens.

BrickBall You know, Brick Bash and all those other ball-bouncing games where you knock out the blocks.

Idiot Invaders
You know, shoot the aliens out of the sky with lasers.

Christmas Package Drop
Drop presents down chimneys from Santa's sleigh.

Shoot water balloons at falling bombs.

You are an alien trying to beam up Earthlings.

Coming Soon